The GNM Team

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The Green Nature Marketing Team

Built on:  Over 25 years of distribution  and manufacturing sales and management experience | Proficient in supply chain management | Proven commodity to compostable selling skills | Strong in sustainable and clean food, beverage, and packaging practices | An honest, transparent, and friendly business approach | Packed with experience and award winning results.


Bart Adams | Carolina’s & VA Territory Manager

“I appreciate the opportunity to represent Green Nature Marketing and our manufactures as the Carolina & VA Territory Manager.  Having 31 years of  manufacturing food sales experience, has provided me with multi-unit, contract management, distributor and operator experience.”

“Being a vegetarian for 32 years and exercising daily I personally enjoy a healthy life style as well.  I believe in our manufacture’s products because I have purchased them and continue to do so.  I look forward to providing solutions to businesses that support healthy initiatives and options for their guests or customers.”


Nicki Carpenter | New England Territory Manager

“I am Green Nature Marketing’s New England Territory Manager which also includes Eastern Pennsylvania.  My responsibilities as a TM are to educate our customers and potential customers on our platform of products as well as informing them on distribution options.   Finding real solutions that provide organic and sustainable foods for foodservice operators is our specialty and is what sets us apart.”

“The best part of my job is getting to see first hand how the relationship between education on food quality directly effects and transforms the food industry.  Another very enjoyable aspect of working for Green Nature Marketing is getting to meet and learn from so many other passionate foodies.”


James Clouse |  Northern California Territory Manager

“I am very proud to represent Green Nature Marketing in the Northern California Territory. I have been involved in the Natural Foods Industry for over 30 years, representing and working with over 200 lines on all levels of distribution.  GNM is the perfect fit, so I can educate, recommend & assist in building the right brands for all of my accounts to be successful.  We are right on trend with all the flavor profiles that we represent in the Food Service Industry.  I am looking forward to meeting the people

“In my area that are as passionate about our healthy concepts & to offer the best quality lines in our industry.”


Gabrielle Coriaty | Metro New York & New Jersey Territory Manager

“I am Green Nature Marketing’s Metro NY and NJ Territory Manager. I am a native New Yorker and was bit by the “good food” bug early in my work life. My entire career has been food focused. Lucky me!”

“For the past 15 years I have been successfully building food brands here on the East Coast. I enthusiastically joined the GNM team to continue to positively build on their GREAT work and award winning results. It is my mission to provide the right platform where our brands gain exposure to the decision makers in my territory while creating an opportunity through brand education, brand ad vocation and ultimately placement. Guiding GNM’s clean label family of brands into their niche in the NY/NJ Foodservice marketplace is my life’s work.”

“I am truly grateful for the opportunity to work with GNM’s outstanding and passionate team in a market with great growth potential and with the GNM family of brands that are real standouts.”


Jason Devine | Midwest Territory Manager

“My association with the foodservice industry dates all the way back to my teenage years.  I am now fortunate to represent Green Nature Marketing as the Midwest Territory Manager which includes Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Kentucky, West Virginia and Western Pennsylvania.”

“After learning about the industry leading brands Green Nature Marketing represents, I could not wait to join the GNM team.  I am excited to help promote our brands who share our same core values of clean and sustainable solutions.  Having a background in foodservice distribution I understand the relationships between manufacturers, distributors and end-user operators.  I look forward to working with the passionate community involved in the natural channel, as well as, educating anyone looking for new opportunities to grow their business.”


Bryan Golden | Illinois & Wisconsin Territory Manager

“I am Green Nature Marketing’s Territory Manager for Illinois and Wisconsin and am thrilled to be based in the wonderful windy city of Chicago.”

“I’ve been in the Food industry in some way, shape, or form since I was 15 years old.  It is now my pleasure to work for a company that allows me to represent clean brands that I believe in and have used myself for years.  The biggest part of my job is to educate people on our brands and help get them in our customers hands by choosing the right distribution channel.  My favorite part, however, is getting to meet other individuals who are just as passionate about clean food and sustainability.”


Greg Itson | Southern Territory Manager

“I am excited to be joining the Green Nature Marketing team as the Southern Territory Manager based in Austin TX.” I’ve been fortunate to have found my passion working in the natural foods space helping educate end users on products to promote healthier and cleaner lifestyles. I’ve enjoyed the opportunity to build brand awareness with some dynamic, growing brands that have changed the way we look at food and how it’s manufactured.”

“I make every effort to incorporate what I learn about healthier lifestyle choices with my two sons at home so that they can understand the importance of eating and drinking cleaner products. I’m eager to be joining such a well-rounded, passionate team of “foodies” that believe we can help create change in the food world.”


Monique Lewis | Southwest Territory Manager

“I am proud to represent Green Nature Marketing in the Southwest which includes Los Angeles, Nevada, and Arizona.  I am excited to bring our high-quality, clean label brands to the West Coast, and am looking forward to working with partners who want to offer great tasting food on ANY menu.”

“I’ve been in the Food and Beverage industry for 30 years introducing foodservice and retail operators to various products that either enhance their menu offerings or help create signature items.  Having found my passion in the Foodservice industry, I bring that passion to Green Nature Marketing, affording me the incredible opportunity to work with Foodservice operators promoting healthy-eating brands, providing information about our clean-labels and assisting in the acquisition of any items they want to use.  Educating myself on our brands has been eye-opening for me and my family by changing some of the food choices we make.  My goal is to provide my customers with as many healthy eating options as possible that they can incorporate into their menus for their customers.  I am really excited about working with everyone on Green Nature Marketing Team!””


Shaunn Myers |  Mid- Atlantic Territory Manager

“I represent the Mid-Atlantic territory for Green Nature Marketing which covers Maryland, Eastern Pennsylvania, Delaware, Washington DC and Northern Virginia.  In college I started to become more and more passionate about clean/sustainable foods and the positive effects on the body/environment.”

“After being in the food industry for many years and having an educational background in nutrition, I was glad to get the opportunity to work with brands that shares the same values and beliefs in food that I do!  Not only do I value clean foods and clean labels, I love that I have a chance to educate people as to why the brands that I now represent are more than just trendy or buzz worthy.  I now finally get to take my holistic approach to how I live my life and be that vegan that gets to work with products that are trying to make food more sustainable an healthful.”


Doug Rich |  Pacific Northwest Territory Manager

“Twenty years ago my wife and I moved to the Pacific Northwest from NYC seeking a healthy, outdoor-centric lifestyle and clean environment in which to raise a family.  We strongly believe in the crucial role of natural, authentic, minimally processed foods in promoting good health.  When people eat/drink well and exercise, we feel good – the key to genuine happiness!  I am delighted to return to the natural food/beverage service market representing GNM’s great brands to customers that appreciate their quality, authenticity, and value.  It’s highly rewarding to develop the relationships – through traditional and innovative distribution channels – that bring these wholesome products to more people.”

“Outside of GNM, I enjoy stand-up paddle boarding, Nordic and alpine skiing, and tossing a lacrosse ball on an expansive Oregon beach with my sons and dog.  My community service includes teaching tai chi classes and serving on my city’s business sustainability leadership network.”


Lucy Rountree | Southeast Territory Manager

“I represent the southeast territory for Green Nature Marketing, which covers Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, Alabama, and Mississippi. As a southern girl, food has always been a focal point, a vehicle for experiencing the rich culture of the south and bringing family together.”

“At a young age, I realized that “whole foods” or non-processed foods did a better job of satisfying my taste buds and keeping me well. I’m thrilled to use my skill set and knowledge to educate people on the importance of clean, sustainable food and beverage – and help them obtain our brands in the most efficient way. I plan to make our brands industry standards, not only for our own health, but also to lessen the footprint we leave on this earth.”

“When I’m not talking about our awesome brands, you can find me riding my bike in the woods, hanging out with friends or playing with my two pet bunny rabbits, Millie and Steven – always, to a perfect soundtrack.”


Dylan Schoettley | Mountain & Central Territory Manager

“Based in Denver, Colorado I am Green Nature Marketing’s Mountain and Central Territory Manager.  Representing food and beverage brands has been the focus during my career.  I am thrilled to now represent clean brands that I have been using to support my own lifestyle for many years.”

“It is exciting to be involved in this growing market that promotes healthy eating and sustainability.  Our brand community is as strong as ever while the demand for the category only continues to grow.  Understanding my customers and broadening their scope of clean and sustainable food is very rewarding.  I look forward to growing with this great company and community.”


Dorothy Smart | Florida Territory Manager

“I am the Green Nature Marketing’s Florida Territory Manager and I love the beach lifestyle and all the sunshine state has to offer.  Building brands in wholesale distribution has been my career focus for the past 15 years.  My passion and interest for heathy eating and organic foods has broadened and developed since the birth of my young son.  It is exciting to educate consumers about the benefits of clean eating and being part of the fastest growing category in the food industry.  Informing clients about the brands we represent and aiding them in finding the best distribution channel is something I look forward to and thoroughly enjoy.”

“Green Nature Marketing had the vision and foresight to pioneer this movement and I am delighted to work with this company and our great team.  I am proud of the brands that we offer at GNM and am excited to see them gain exposure in the Florida market. ”


Nancy Horowitz | Inside Sales Associate

“Peacefully nestled in the mountains of western North Carolina, I am thrilled to join the GNM team as an Inside Sales Associate.”  Whether I was recruiting ebusiness professionals, increasing volunteer engagement, or raising brand awareness through sponsorships, my career has been based on helping others by making connections.  I look forward to leveraging my skills, experience, and passion for healthy living by promoting brands and products that I believe in.”


Savanna Poole | Marketing Administrator

“I am beyond excited to be the newest Green Nature Marketing team member! My previous experiences in marketing and administrative roles have prepared me for this wonderful opportunity. As a new mom, food transparency and sustainability are extremely important to me, so I’m grateful to be part of a team with the same values. Outside of work, I’m usually playing with my energetic toddler, trying new restaurants with my husband, or walking my two crazy dogs.”


Nick Dionne | Vice President

“In my role as Vice President for Green Nature Marketing (GNM), I provide strategic direction and support for our team of Territory Managers throughout the country. I also have the privilege of interfacing with all of the amazing brands we represent, staying up to date with changes in their businesses, and providing them with reporting/feedback on our sales efforts relative to their products.”

“I have more than 15 years of sales experience, primarily focused on helping early-to-mid stage companies to bring innovative products into new markets.  I’m thankful that GNM has provided me with the opportunity to leverage my skills and experience toward increasing everyone’s options for healthy eating and sustainable living.”


Mario Parisi | President Green Nature Marketing

“I’ve spent the vast majority of my career in the foodservice supply chain which enables me to have a very clear understanding on getting new products to market and the different aspects of the channel’s needs in order to do so.  This experience along with my deep passion striving  for a better relationship between humanity and the natural resources we rely upon has heavily influenced my desire to do my part in transitioning our connection with the earth and man’s needs.  Being a part of GNM and working with such great, like-minded people at the fine brands we represent allows me to pursue this passion.”