Food Service Operators: How Can I Go Green?

GNM is proud to have positioned ourselves as a leading foodservice broker focused exclusively on representing and working with the top clean food/beverage and environmentally-friendly packaging brands the industry has to offer. As a natural or organic food operator that needs to be concerned about proper 3rd party certification (whether USDA organic, allergy-friendly or adequate compostable offerings) GNM has aligned ourselves with the leading brands in each of their product categories, staying true to the mission of doing our part to clean up the foodservice channel and meet your growing green consumer demands. Consumers have learned to “vote with their fork”.  For the most part, patrons are aware that the choices they make regarding food, treatment of employees, suppliers, sustainability, and the environment have consequences.  They will patronize the restaurants that share their values.

GNM’s commitment to sustainability as it relates to the foodservice channel is uniquely positioned to center on matters important in positioning your operation for the continued growth of consumers that environmental issues are important to. The growing influence of millennial consumers and the trend of how they are spending their food dollars are increasingly evident today. GNM’s focus on setting your operation apart and our team’s attentiveness to this detail is the appropriate customer service we strive to provide.

GNM serves a wide range of food service operators, from local coffee shops to regional hospitals:

  • Colleges and Universities
  • K-12 Schools
  • Alternative Schools, Day Cares
  • Healthcare and Hospitals
  • Business and Institutions
  • Sports Stadium and other Event Venues
  • Multi-Unit Restaurant Concepts
  • Independent Restaurants
  • Convenience Store Settings/Operations
  • Vending/Microkitchen Operations

Whether it is offering the right mix of menu alternatives or assisting you with waste stream audit and analysis GNM is a foodservice broker with experience in these areas who you can trust.