Impossible Foods

Impossible Foods


Food is essential for life, yet a virtually unexplored scientific frontier.  Impossible Foods lives at the edge of this frontier, investigating the molecular basis of food flavors and textures, learning how the foods we choose affect our planet and our bodies.  We’re discovering healthy, sustainable new ingredients from nature.  Our brilliant team of curious, creative and collaborative scientists take a fresh look at food and invent new ways to make the meat we crave — directly from plants

The way the world produces meat today is taking an enormous toll on our planet.  According to livestock researchers, animal agriculture uses 30% of all land, over 25% of all freshwater on Earth, and creates as much greenhouse gas emissions as all of the world’s cars, trucks, trains, ships and airplanes combined.

We make the Impossible Burger entirely from plants, without the destructive impact of livestock, so that you, your children and your grandchildren’s children will always be able to enjoy a good ol’ fashioned burger.

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Brand Certifications: Please note Impossible Foods products are Vegan/Vegetarian.


Remember the best burger you’ve ever eaten? Our dedicated team of top scientists, farmers and chefs spent the last five years studying it from cow to bun. Then we identified methods and ingredients to naturally recreate everything -- the sights, sounds, aromas, textures and flavors. The result? This impossibly delicious game changer of a burger.


Impossible Foods


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