The RUNA Story

Runa began as a pre-dawn conversation over tea in the Amazon rainforest.  In the winter of 2008 a team of students traveled to the Ecuadorian Amazon and participated in an ancestral tea ceremony with the Kichwa people.  The tea ceremony is a tradition of storytelling, music, and learning centered on a large boiling pot of guayusa.  Collectively, we envisioned a business that could share this rich-tasting beverage with the world.  A business that would respect cultural traditions, support small farmers, and maintain the integrity of the Amazon rainforest.

Runa, meaning “fully alive” or “fully living human being,” continues to grow from this seed of conversation and exchange.  We are energized to share this tradition with a global community.

Runa’s Mission

To improve livelihoods for indigenous farmers in the Amazon.  We believe people everywhere can benefit from the bounty of the rainforest without destroying it.

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Brand Certifications: Please note all Runa product is free of other allergens.

USDA Organic web     Fair trade web      Non GMO


Runa, a beverage based on Guayusa (Gwhy-you-sa) which is an Amazonian super-leaf that balances caffeine with an abundance of polyphenol antioxidants, providing a clean and steady energy to restore vitality and enliven your day.




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