Tattooed Chef

Meet Sarah, the Tattooed Chef.

As a kid, I was always very constructive. It wasn’t until I went to film school, I realized everything I delved into was about expressing my creativity. I wanted to translate that thought into a tangible result. In search of a clear direction, I went traveling through Europe.

I connected with my Italian roots and started working at a pasticceria, making pizza. Throughout my travels, I was surrounded by amazing, creative people and experienced such camaraderie. From that moment on, I knew I wanted to be in the culinary world.

I went back to LA and dreamt about Tattooed Chef – literally had a dream about it – the name, the logo, design, and a focus on “better for the planet” foods, working with sustainable ingredients. All of my experiences throughout the years have become a part of this brand. Tattooed Chef allows me to bring in all the elements of what makes me, me, and share it – that’s the ultimate form of expression.

Food Philosophy

Serving plant based foods for people who give a crop!
We saw a need for better and tastier plant based options, utilizing sustainably sourced ingredients. Eating food is personal and often looks different from one household to the next. We offer a wide range of plant based foods to fit into many different lives, routines, and diets. We want to help make that process exciting, creating wellness for ourselves and our planet!

We plant, grow and manufacture – handling the product from the fields to the consumers hands.
We have two manufacturing facilities – one in California and the other in Italy. Our approach is hands-on and allows us to be more conscientious of what goes into our food and how it’s being processed. Most of our ingredients come from Italy, where we contract the fields and plant our own crops. We handle the food from the fields to the consumer’s hands, offering a true farm to table product range.

Fresh to frozen.
Just as ingredients are important to us, so are the ways we handle them. Fresh foods are picked at the height of their season and frozen fast to maintain their richness in nutrients and flavor.

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Tattooed Chef



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