The GNM Team

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The Green Nature Marketing Team

Built on:  Over 25 years of distribution and manufacturing sales and management experience | Proficient in supply chain management | Proven commodity to compostable selling skills | Strong in sustainable and clean food, beverage, and packaging practices | An honest, transparent, and friendly business approach | Packed with experience and award winning results.


Rich Edenfield | Regional Sales Manager – Atlantic/Southern

In having over two decades of food service distribution experience, I am excited to represent Green Nature and to be able to bring such a unique group of products to the folks with whom I have built relationships. We represent some of the most innovative and cutting-edge products; all of which I am excited to share with my current industry contacts as well as those I have yet to meet.





Bryan Golden | Regional Sales Manager – Central/Western

I am Green Nature Marketing’s Regional Sales Manager for Central and Western territories, and am thrilled to be based in the wonderful windy city of Chicago.

I’ve been in the food industry in some way, shape, or form since I was 15 years old.  It is now my pleasure to work for a company that allows me to represent clean brands that I believe in and have used myself for years.  The biggest part of my job is to educate people on our brands and help get them in our customers hands by choosing the right distribution channel.  My favorite part, however, is getting to meet other individuals who are just as passionate about clean food and sustainability.


Jeff House | Mountain Central Territory Manager

I am wildly passionate about taking action to help promote, grow and influence a positive cultural shift to clean labeled and sustainable products inside the food industry.

I’m proud to be a part of the Green Nature Marketing team.




Greg Itson | Southern Territory Manager

I am excited to support the Green Nature Marketing team as the Southern Territory Manager based in Austin TX. I’ve been fortunate to have found my passion working in the natural foods space helping educate end users on products to promote healthier and cleaner lifestyles. I’ve enjoyed the opportunity to build brand awareness with some dynamic, growing brands that have changed the way we look at food and how it’s manufactured.

I make every effort to incorporate what I learn about healthier lifestyle choices with my two sons at home so that they can understand the importance of eating and drinking cleaner products. I’m eager to be joining such a well-rounded, passionate team of “foodies” that believe we can help create change in the food world.


Mary Ellen Moss | Mid Atlantic Territory Manager

I come to Green Nature Marketing after having been in outside sales for 22 years. I spent 10 years selling wine to restaurants and 13 years in marketing with a focus on both traditional and online marketing. I am so passionate about the products GNM is bringing to our clients and consumers! 

I live in Asheville, NC with my rescue dog and have been a vegetarian for over 25 years. I am immersed in the sustainable and plant based community and am thrilled with the many innovations available through sustainable and plant based products. I love to cook and practice recipes in my free time as well as binge watch cooking competitions and other cooking shows.  


Jill Perry | Northeast Territory Manager

My love for foodservice started when I was a 14 year old waitress in Rockport, MA. I quickly came to love the industry.

After owning a gourmet food shop with locally sourced produce, I worked for several years in the broadline foodservice industry. What a great education, but I always knew that my heart was in high quality foods. Today, as a Territory Manager at GNM, I am representing brands that I love and am passionate about.  I always say that I don’t sell anything, instead I educate. I love our brands, I believe in their stories, and I love their people.


Lucy Rountree | National Account Sales Director

As a ‘southern girl,’ food has always been a focal point, a vehicle for experiencing the rich culture of the south, bringing family and friends together.

At a young age I became enchanted with the joy that food from our own garden brought to our lives. My tastes evolved and in order to support my growing palate, I worked in many wonderful restaurants throughout college. I continued on a foodservice-centric path with Sysco after college.

I’m thrilled to use my skill set, knowledge and passion to educate people on the importance of clean, sustainable food and beverage. My goal is to make our brands the industry standards, for the health of the planet and its inhabitants.

When I’m not talking about our awesome brands, you can find me riding my mountain bike or horse, hanging with my friends, sweet family, two pet bunny rabbits and the man of my dreams… always, to a perfect soundtrack.


Kelly Smith | Western Territory Manager

I come to Green Nature Marketing with more than 20 years of experience in the food industry. I’ve sold to all channels of business both in distribution and manufacturing, building strong customer relationships along the way. I’m excited to be part of the Green Nature team to help make sustainable, clean food options accessible to others.



Keith Soucy | Midwest Sales Associate

I’m excited to be representing Green Nature Marketing as the Midwest Sales Associate. I have been a professional in the Natural Foods industry for over 20 years and have held numerous positions with some of the largest and most vital brands and retailers in this channel.

A dedication to organic, natural, and healthy foods, and doing what I can to lessen the human impact in our environment, is what drives me. I’m always eager to connect with new potential customers in all segments of the food industry and help them find cleaner and less wasteful products.

My love of food developed early as I grew up in my Grandfather’s neighborhood grocery store in Nashua, New Hampshire. I have a lifelong commitment to healthy eating and I’m a passionate organic gardener and composter.


Jessica Nielsen | Sales Administrator

I feel very fortunate to have been able to support the Green Nature Marketing Team as Sales Administrator. Coming from a background in accounting and real estate, it’s an exciting to be able to work with a company that works with sustainable, healthy and delicious food brands.

When I am not working, you can find me painting, playing music or getting outdoors and enjoying the beauty of Western North Carolina.


Becky Sullivan | Customer Support Specialist

I joined GNM in the fall of 2018, and I love being part of the GNM Team, helping to represent our brands. I come from a Health & Wellness background, which led to a passion for clean, organic, and whole goods.

As a former Ironman Triathlete, I love to stay active running in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains, cycling, hiking and strength training. I live in Asheville, NC with my husband, a very spoiled Yorkie, Buddie, and crazy cat Kona.


Audrey Weis | Marketing Manager

A passion for reaching and connecting people has led me to nearly every position in my work history. I’m excited to lend my expertise in marketing, communications and administration to this team, and to a growing field  in the industry that shares my values.

I am inspired daily by our work at GNM, knowing that we’re helping to provide delicious, sustainable food alternatives across the foodservice market.


Nick Dionne | Vice President

In my role as Vice President for Green Nature Marketing, I provide strategic direction and support for our team of Territory Managers throughout the country. I also have the privilege of interfacing with all of the amazing brands we represent, staying up to date with changes in their businesses, and providing them with reporting/feedback on our sales efforts relative to their products.

I have more than 15 years of sales experience, primarily focused on helping early-to-mid stage companies to bring innovative products into new markets.  I’m thankful that GNM has provided me with the opportunity to leverage my skills and experience toward increasing everyone’s options for healthy eating and sustainable living.


Mario Parisi | President, Green Nature Marketing

I’ve spent the vast majority of my career in the foodservice supply chain which enables me to have a very clear understanding on getting new products to market and the different aspects of the channel’s needs in order to do so.  This experience along with my deep passion striving  for a better relationship between humanity and the natural resources we rely upon has heavily influenced my desire to do my part in transitioning our connection with the earth and man’s needs.  Being a part of GNM and working with such great, like-minded people at the fine brands we represent allows me to pursue this passion.