The Beanfields Story

Beanfields chips are first and foremost a great tasting snack.  In fact, Beanfields chips have won numerous taste awards!  Our distinctive crunch and delicious flavors will make us your anytime, go-to chip and that’s even before you realize how much better for you they are!   At Beanfields, we’re all about beans; one of the healthiest, most sustainable protein sources in the world.  When you buy Beanfields chips you’re participating in a lot of goodness.  Good taste is only the beginning.  All Beanfields chips are non-GMO verified, vegan, and certified gluten free.  They’re better for you than most mainstream snacks: better for your health; for the environment; and better for businesses, people and the economy. We’re not perfect, but we’re pretty darned good— and we’re always looking for ways to be better.

Food Philosophy

Using a guiding philosophy that we call kinder prosperity, Beanfields is setting up innovative business practices to partner with our key suppliers and to build a long-lasting business that benefits as many people as possible.  From the very start, Beanfields has contributed chips to local nonprofits and community groups all over the US and now in Canada too.   Our chips have helped libraries, animal shelters, kids’ fitness programs, school nutrition programs, environmental programs and so on.  We tend to get passionate about the local causes our customers and retailers are passionate about.  Groups that center on health issues like celiac disease, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, heart disease, Autism, and more.

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Brand Certifications: Please note Beanfields offers a complete line of Gluten Free, Non-GMO, and Vegan certified chips.

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Beanfields was started with a big idea - to help change the way Americans eat. Their primary goal is to help improve the global food supply by creating delicious, plant based, Non-GMO snacks, with beans as the primary ingredient.




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