The Bobo’s Story

It was an uncharacteristically rainy day in Boulder back in 2003, so Bobo and her mom, Beryl, thought a little baking could brighten up the day. They hungered for something warm and delicious and searched the kitchen cupboards for simple ingredients to use. They found whole grain oats, a little organic cane sugar, a touch of vegan buttery spread, and some brown rice syrup. Then they mixed it all together and waited patiently at 400 degrees.

The first batch of oat bars Bobo and Beryl pulled from the oven tasted so good that Bobo brought them to school. Bobo’s friends at school thought the oat bars were so delicious that Beryl decided to bring them to a few local cafes and grocery stores around Boulder. And that’s when something magical happened. People around Boulder took Bobo and Beryl’s fresh baked yumminess and welcomed it into their own homes. They tasted the simple, wholesome ingredients Beryl trusted enough to feed her family, and fed it to their family. As word about Bobo’s Oat Bars spread, Bobo and Beryl were no longer baking for two, they were baking for thousands.

And that’s when something else magical happened. A business was born – but more importantly, our Bobo’s family began to grow. And we did it all by not changing a thing.

Food Philosophy

Bobo’s started with – and still uses – four main ingredients found in our kitchen and yours. Each one of our oat bar ingredients is gluten-free, vegan, Certified Non-GMO, and made from 100% organic whole grain oats.

Everything today is as it always was and always will be: handmade, using clean, wholesome ingredients and an extra helping of love. Because keeping family happy, healthy nourished and smiling all day, every day, is our passion, and it’s as strong today as it was when we started.

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