Just Water

The JUST Water Story

At 10 years old, Jaden Smith launched the idea for JUST after seeing plastic trash floating around him while surfing. He learned that making plastic contributes to carbon emissions, and was committed to making change happen.

JUST Water – Pure & Sustainable

Pure: 100% naturally alkaline spring water fresh from the Adirondack

Mountains in upstate New York

Alkaline: Naturally occurring pH8 at the source

Plentiful: Three billion-gallon watershed

Respectful: JUST uses only excess water the community doesn’t

otherwise need

Fairly Valued: We value the water we use appropriately, paying 6x

the municipal rate

Sustainable: Sourcing spring water is much less energy-intensive and

wasteful than using industrial processing to filter municipal tap water

Our Packaging

Our JUST cartons start life in only two dimensions. We reimagined the water bottle. By starting with flat rolls that fold into shape once they are filled. This enables us to sip 1.5 million cartons in a truck – versus the 13 trucks it would take to ship the same number of plastic water bottles.

We took a lot of care in creating our packaging. So we’re proud to say the materials and processes result in 74% less harmful emissions, primarily CO2, compared to a standard PET plastic bottle.

The JUST Water Philosophy

We inspire people to do good and feel good through conscious choices that help our community and the planet. We believe even the smallest ripple can make a big splash.

For more information on JUST Water, please visit their website.


Just Water



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