Harmless Harvest

The Harmless Harvest Story

We started Harmless Harvest® to make the most amazing coconut water in the most ethical way possible. It’s a work in progress, but we’re committed to growing our standards and living up to our name.

Speaking of growing, we’ve got a bustling HQ in San Francisco, plus 133 team members (and counting) living and working in Thailand, where the bulk of our operation takes place. Staying close to the ground keeps us invested in every step of the process and every community along the way.

Organic Nam Hom Coconuts

We searched the world (ok, most of it) for the very best coconut water. We found it in Thailand, inside a small coconut called the Nam Hom, a name that aptly means “fragrant ones.”

Every Nam Hom farm we work with is organic certified. That’s a big deal because it’s the only way to verify that our coconuts are grown without the use of persistent pesticides, synthetic fertilizers or sewage sludge. It also means our coconuts are not irradiated or produced with GMOs.

Fair for Life

Fair for Life certification is a third-party certification process that ensures our commitment to social accountability and fair trade. For us, this means being diligent in our practices and considering everyone — and everything — we affect.

For the communities where we farm and bottle, our commitment translates to new school uniforms, water filtration systems, and mobile medical trucks for preventative healthcare like check-ups and screenings.

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Harmless Harvest



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