Sustainability Inititives

Green Nature Marketing (GNM) has two specific sustainability initiatives in which we focus our every day efforts.  Our team’s passionate energy is dedicated to representing clean food brands and waste diversion related products to foodservice operators desiring to implement such features into their operations.

Clean Food:

The clean food movement is growing at an ever increasing pace as American consumers continue to ask more questions about what is and what is not in the food/beverages they consume.  GNM is proud to work with and represent select food/beverage providers whose standards of sourcing the cleanest ingredients is their top priority.  GNM is dedicated in helping operators (and your distributor partners) source and menu to your valuable customers top brand names you can trust are not only committed to the clean food/beverage movement but also helping to direct and sustain the movement’s foundation of transparency.

Depending upon your needs GNM can assist you in sourcing certified USDA organic products (free of antibiotics/hormones, pesticides/herbicides and genetically modified organisms (GMOs), allergy friendly options (gluten free, dairy free, peanut/tree nut free etc), vegan/vegetarian offerings or fair trade sourced products.  GNM is solely committed to food/beverage producers that meet and exceed these requirements.  If you are an operator (or distributor partner) looking for a resource knowledgeable in these fields and would like industry assistance please reach out to GNM.


Waste Diversion (Compostable Packaging):

Foodservice operators know running your operation produces a considerable amount of waste and leaves a fairly large carbon footprint with not only the production of disposable packaging but also the disposal of such products (and other waste from your facilities).  Green Nature Marketing understands this aspect of your business and the environmental impact it has as well as the costs associated with it.

GNM is positioned to assist foodservice operations of all different sizes in analyzing this part of your operation and can support you in offering certified compostable alternatives as well as assist you in diverting your waste from the landfill.  Our years of experience in waste diversion allows us to look at your waste disposal stream and turn the waste into a viable finished product for use again in our “full circle life cycle” approach.


Green Nature Marketing offers a full cycle waste diversion program. By implementing a waste diversion program, you can help close the loop on waste, improve inefficient procedures, policies and behaviors and save in costly waste disposal fees.

Green Nature Marketing is positioned as a food service broker who can design a custom waste diversion program and train employees. We can transition your organization from a landfill operation to a lifecycle solution.