Our Road Map

Green Nature Marketing’s (GNM) goal is to bring exposure to the sustainable initiatives and values we share with our brand community.  However, we take deep pride in our ability, through experience, to educate both our operator customers and their distributor partners.

Below please find links to additional resources on sustainable related information relevant to the foodservice industry and Green Nature Marketing:

GNM’s Sustainability Initiatives

Our organization is focused on the sourcing of clean food ingredient brands that are certified USDA Organic, non GMO, allergy friendly, fair-trade or vegan/vegetarian as well as the sourcing of certified compostable packaging and other waste diversion related materials or equipment.


Recognized 3rd party certification agencies that guide and help structure product attributes as they relate to their category initiatives.

Green Glossary

Here we provide insight as we define many of the terms used on our website and within our industry.

On The Farm

Our effort to bring you closer to basic organic farming practices and key aspects of what separates certified organic farms from corporate conventional farming.