Rowdy Mermaid

The Rowdy Mermaid Story

We started living Rowdy back in 2012 when our founder Jamba Dunn began brewing kombucha in his own garage. He had a hunch that kombucha didn’t have to be so “kombucha-y”. He felt it could be less sugary, less vinegary, less acidic and safer. And his then three-year-old daughter challenged him to craft something superior to the existing products on shelves.

And that’s really how our story began. Just a full-time dad with a doctorate in philosophy, fresh from a fateful corporate downsizing, out in his garage home-brewing kombucha. Flying by the seat of his pants, leveraging trial and error and following his intuition. While also taking to heart the requests of his irresistible daughter who wanted the herbs and flowers they grew in their garden to be in the bottle too. So that was his goal. Lower sugar. Lower acid. Lower alcohol. Caffeine-free and herb-infused. And after two scrappy years of self-funded R&D with industry specialists, he had it. A scientifically controlled, function-forward kombucha done different, brewed by doing the right thing across all the things. Subtle. Sophisticated. More crisp and refreshing. A 2,000 year-old beverage, reinvented to suit the palate of a toddler. And in so doing, suiting the palate of pretty much everyone (including our planet). Today, Rowdy Mermaid is a company committed more than ever to giving people sustainably sourced deliciousness that’s also infused with functional plant medicine.

As for the name Rowdy Mermaid? Let’s also say that his rambunctious, water-splashing daughter provided some inspiration there too.

The Rowdy Mermaid Philosophy

We’re flattered when folks tell us that our kombucha is different. Because that’s exactly what we set out to do. We created a safer more delicious, more healthful kombucha. But we’re more of a functional plant medicine company than a kombucha company. One that’s on a mission to bring as many functional plants to as many functional people as we possibly can. Using only the fruits, roots, mushrooms and botanicals that nature created. While continuing to blend this pursuit with our reverence for science.

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Rowdy Mermaid



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