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About Responsible Products
We offer beautiful, sustainable products made for real life applications. Designed with the standards of realistic industry use in mind, yet economic enough to satisfy award-winning restaurants to pop-ups. Every one of our products is rated for “commercial restaurant use” by meeting strict performance criteria for durability.

Made from Compostable & Biodegradable Plant Materials
Responsible Products compostable and biodegradable products are eco-friendly, made from renewable plant materials, including sugarcane, corn, and cellulose. Just as important, these materials are 100% compostable after use. We’re committed to using annually renewable plant materials that can be fully composted to ensure all products achieve a sustainable and complete product lifecycle.

Extra Strength, High Performance
To truly change the world, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to make sustainable products that perform the same or better than traditional plastics and Styrofoam. In practically any scenario, our products perform the same or better.

State-of-the-Art Manufacturing
As manufacturers, we know from years of experience where weak points can be found, so we innovate and design processes to strengthen our products to surpass industry standards and outperform the competition. Many other companies overlook these details and lure customers in with a low price – only to deliver a product that falls apart when they go to use it.

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Responsible Products


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