On The Farm | Organic Valley Dairy Farm Tour in Ohio


August 8, 2014

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Organic Valley Dobbs Dairy Farm Hillsboro Ohio

Oh what fun a day on the a dairy farm could be!  What we learned, what we saw, and what we almost stepped in!

Thanks to Organic Valley, the Dobbs family, and mother nature for a wonderful experience.  As Mark Dobbs admits his farm was blessed with great soil and an abundance of water, and we were all blessed with great weather and an amazing tour guide.  Below are just a few of the images Green Nature Marketing took along the way.  The Dairy Farm in Hillsboro, Ohio is a beautiful farm totaling over 100 acres stocked full of trout and of course the dairy cows.

Speaking of the cows: They graze for at least 8 hours a day.  This is a must to sustain their health and milk production.  Yes, they are that hungry and need to eat.  Each cow is milked twice a day for a total of 51 pounds of fresh USDA organic milk. That leaves another 4 hours for grooming and milking.  Dairy cows are busy but under the right management they live a fantastic life.

Organic Valley Farmers are held to the highest standards to produce the worlds best quality dairy products.  It is amazing to learn the layers of management from the farmer, nutritionist, veterinarian, OV personnel, to the USDA representatives that are required to establish the proper environment for dairy cows.  It’s all about the soil as well!!  Good clean soil producing grass in variety creates the base for clean healthy milk.  Cows like variety who knew.

Again what a great experience for anyone who wants to better understand how using our natural resources produces better quality and healthier food.  People and publications are taking notice, grass feed cattle are changing the way we should farm.  Thanks again, to Organic Valley and the Dobbs Family!


Dobbs Farm Hillsboro Ohio 2 Dobbs Farm Hillsboro Ohio 4 Organic Valley Dobbs Dairy Cows

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