Going Strawless


July 9, 2018

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By now you’ve probably heard that popular companies, restaurants, and a few of your favorite celebrities have gone strawless. If you’ve thought about trying a straw-free life, but haven’t quite gotten there yet, don’t beat yourself up—there are plenty of great resources that will make the transition easier!

What else can I use? 

You can find stainless-steel or compostable paper straws at Target, Wal-Mart, or on Amazon! You can also buy reusable cups, with straws, for your favorite iced-tea or coffee. The key is avoiding plastic.

Why does it matter?

Plastic straws are really, REALLY bad for the ocean. Americans use over 500 MILLION straws a day and unfortunately most of them end up in the ocean, polluting water and harming our favorite sea critters. Once they’ve ingested plastic, their mortality rate is 50%. That means that our beautiful marine-life is dying at an alarming rate.

What can I do today?

Take a pledge to refuse plastic straws, stock up on good alternatives, and inform friends and family!







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