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October 8, 2014

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Natural Direct Feature Logo imageNatural Direct was started in 2005 by Scott and Sarena Dickinson.  On a search for some local produce in their hometown of Sandwich (IL) a couple years earlier, the only thing available was sweet corn.  After reaching out to other area farmers they found themselves consistently driving for fresh local fruit, honey and meats.  With Scott’s background in distribution and transportation they decided to build a distibution network to efficiently get products from the farm to consumers in the greater Chicago market.

In 2005, Natural Direct stared with  a truck to deliver to individual homes.  From there they establishing a small warehouse in Oswego (IL) and began a partnership with another area Organic home delivery company.  Through their efforts to bring clean, sustainable, local food to individuals they realized a bigger need, the wholesale market.   In 2010 Natural Direct stopped delivering to homes to dedicate all their resources to restaurants and stores in an effort to help clean up the food service channel.

Green Nature Marketing applauds their efforts and is honored to be working with them. For more information on Natural Direct please check out their website.


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