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April 30, 2018

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How New GNM Footprint Impacts Brands

This map points the way.  It shows how brands grow stronger through a single resource that boosts both efficiencies and synergy going to market ―one professional broker, Green Nature Marketing, with a comprehensive national presence.  It’s all about supporting your growth.

Before GNM stepped into the arena, brands had to contend with a veritable patchwork of brokers for their foodservice and vending channel strategies. In fact, eliminating this time and energy drain was one of the primary reasons we entered the business in 2007, and why we’ve expanded nationally.

Our goal from the very beginning was to make it simple for our partners, top national brands, to expand their growth into these emerging channels.  Providing the capability to focus on a single broker was,and is, the key and as a pioneer of sustainable products, we are now also the first organization to be a national provider within our channels of focus.

From a management perspective, the efficiency benefits are clear.  For example, when it comes to tracking and reporting, our partners utilize our new order management platform to gain valuable intelligence on sales throughout the country from a single source.  Along with, they even see granular detail on all sales activity, what’s actually happening in the field ―not just sales dollars.

GNM is well positioned to provide the focus and the synergy to build and sustain big brands throughout the entire continental United States.  Our national footprint – unmatched by any other broker – says it all.


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