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All the taste. Minus the meat. All of our bites are full of flavor, easy to make and ready in minutes. They are also all non-GMO; free from cholesterol, palm-oil, and animal products.

Why did we go to such lengths to create foods that are deliciously plant-based? Plain and simple. We know that the environmental, sustainable and health benefits are undeniable. We also believe strongly that small changes can have a big impact. That is why Alpha makes plant-based proteins for the everyday meals you already love. So that you can change your diet without changing your life.

Here at Alpha, we’ve finally unlocked the secret to plant-based food for food-based people. (Hint: that’s all of us!) We believe that no matter if you’re a vegetarian, a pescatarian, a lacto-ovo-choco-taco-tarian, or just a plain ol’fooditarian, anyone can enjoy Alpha plant-based products without any of the strings attached. That means you can have a big juicy burger one night and a plant-based burrito the next, no eyebrows raised, no titles given, all health and environment benefits included. No matter what you eat, when or why you eat it, all eaters can enjoy Alpha.

Because we’ve made it our mission to make food that is craveworthy, convenient, and (bonus!) uncompromisingly good for you. It’s plant-based food that molds into your lifestyle so you can feel empowered to change your diet without changing your routine. Simply put, it’s meatless made easy. And yeah, we know what you’re thinking: can a chik’n nugget really change your life, and possibly the world? 

Call us crazy, but we think so.

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Alpha Foods



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