Melt Organic

The Melt Organic Story
From Scott Fisher, CEO, Melt Organic

For years, I worked as a financial advisor, treating my body like a furnace. Throwing in whatever kept the engines humming. I loved what I did. But in 2015, that lifestyle gave me a nasty heart attack. When the doc told me to cut bad fats and focus on plants, I thought the golden years were over. After all, my favorite memories smell like corn on the cob, oozing with melted butter.

It was only when I woke up 15 pounds lighter, sporting the cholesterol of a teenager, that I embraced what plants could do for my health—and later, the health of our planet. But, I never stopped dreaming of buttery corn on the cob.

That’s why I’m so proud of Melt Organic. Because now you can ditch dairy, improve your health, and tread a little lighter on the planet, without giving up the little pleasures. Now, get cooking.

About Melt Organic
Plant-based doesn’t have to mean highly processed. That’s why we focus on making mind-blowing food with simple ingredients. Like cheesy, melt-in-your mouth spreads made from chickpeas through the power of fermentation.

Like perfectly spreadable plant-based butter, made from a perfect combo of healthy plant oils. No hydrogenated nonsense. Or compounds you can’t pronounce.

Just premium, organic ingredients, made with love.

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Melt Organic



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