Nancy’s Probiotic Foods

The Nancy’s Probiotic Foods Story

We opened Springfield Creamery in 1960. And every day since, our family has worked to make the healthiest cultured foods the right way—for our community, for our family, and for you.

Our family has always moved to its own beat. Curious and creative with an independent streak to match, we love bringing people together—around good friends, great music, and local food.

So it’s no wonder three generations of Keseys have made this our lives’ mission. After more than 60 years, there are bound to be some great stories to tell.

We invite you to learn more about the Kesey Family history here.

Nancy’s Probiotic Foods Products

Our approach has stayed the same for three generations, and so has our belief that making the healthiest food possible is the right thing to do—for our family and yours. Just like a healthy lifestyle, our products take time, care, and attention. That means letting our probiotic cultures fully develop for the flavor, consistency, and health benefits Nancy’s is known for.

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Nancy's Probiotic Foods



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