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Nature’s Bakery Story

At the start of the natural foods movement in the 1960’s, Richard Marson decided to open a bakery that championed all natural ingredients—a new concept back in the day.  With a marvelous entrepreneurial spirit and passion in his baking, Richard created a successful family bakery.  Dave Marson, Richard’s son, shared his father’s zeal and chose to make the family bakery his life’s work as well.  He spent several decades honing his skills as a bakerbefore acting on an idea he had been exploring for years. In 2010, Dave partnered with his son Sam to create Nature’s Bakery with mission of making delicious convenient on-the-go snacks and foods that complement health conscious living and everyday active lifestyles.

Nature’s Bakery is a snacks and food brand that supports health conscious living and active lifestyles with our 4 pinnacles of achieving balance – nature, activity, nutrition and community.  We lead with delicious, thoughtfully crafted ingredients that are perfect for on-the-go snacks that people can feel better about eating.  We take that extra step to create foods that are Non-GMO Project Verified, Vegan and Kosher Certified because we care.  Proudly, we offer a delicious family of Stone Ground Whole Wheat Fig Bars and Gluten Free Ancient Grains Fig Bars that everyone can enjoy and benefit from.


Keep it simple, have fun, and achieve balance in life through nature, activity, nutrition and community

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Brand Certifications: Please note Nature’s Bakery offers a complete line of Non-GMO, Vegan and Kosher certified products, as well as a Gluten Free Fig bar line.

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Nature's Bakery, whatever we put into our baked goods, you’re going to get out of them. So admittedly, we’re a little picky about the quality of our ingredients. And we make darn sure we use thoughtful ingredients you can understand. Proof of our unwavering devotion to creating delicious snacks. It’s just in our nature.


Nature's Bakery


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