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Welcome to Green Nature Marketing!


Green Nature Marketing (GNM) is a foodservice broker focused exclusively on sustainable food brands and eco-friendly packaging.  Operating coast-to-coast and representing 38 of the nation’s top brands, our reach is as broad as our commitment is deep.

Never before has it been more important that we be mindful of our consumption patterns and the impact it has on our own wellbeing and the health of the planet.  This is what GNM is all about ― a dedication to introducing products from environmentally responsible manufacturers to the ever-growing numbers of enlightened consumers.

We are honored to help our partners gain greater exposure and increase business in the foodservice channel.  We invite you to look closely at all we have to offer.


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Testa Produce is family oriented to its core.  The Testa family has sustained a successful business for over 100 years, and that is no small feat.  Testa Produce is currently on its fourth generation of family involvement and the family ownership aspect of the company affects the way the business interacts with their customers, vendors, and employees.



Connecting green brands with foodservice operators and distributors on a platform of sustainability, education, and values. | BE BRAVE, GO GREEN, LEARN MORE

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Rita Vinnicombe

Owner | Dr. McDougall's Right Foods

“Mario and the team at Green Nature Marketing have been a great asset for us.  They are knowledgeable and passionate about the industry and proactively seek opportunities to put our product in front of new markets.   They are effective, responsive, and a pleasure to work with!”


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