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October 9, 2014

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Steaz Teas New School Size SheetIn an effort to make a deeper and earlier impact with healthier beverage alternatives Steaz has produced a new size and nutritious offering.  This new “school” offering meets the recent change in school nutritional regulations, however, is still packed with the same organic, fair trade, lightly sweetened, no artificial great taste!!

Steaz is not alone, several organic and natural manufactures are trying to make a difference for what truly is the food/beverage for the future.  Students represent the next generation of potential green consumers.  So why not the food service channel, and why not our early adopters?

Non profit organizations like, The Alliance for a Healthier Generation, work in schools, healthcare and other areas to promote health and reduce the prevalence of obesity in children.  They advise schools across the country on things like procurement, specifications, nutrition and nutrition education and how to comply with federal, state and local regulations that are required for the school meals programs.  These types of organizations along with motivated clean manufactures are helping change the course of consumption behaviors.

If you are a manufacture or a school representative, understanding what’s changing and where you can go to help or get help is important.  The Alliance for a Healthier Generation will review manufacturers products whose initiative and purpose is to provide healthier products to students across the country.  Want to know what to source, their Product Navigator which is also USDA approved  will find like products to comply with the Smart Snacks in School regulation.  Want to know if you have an adequate offering, their smart snack calculator will determine if your snack meets the new USDA Smart Snacks in School Guidelines.

Green Nature Marketing salutes Steaz for making a commitment to the future of food service!  We hope that others see the importance for cleaning up the food service channel at every level.  As our good friend would say, Keep it Steazy!


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