Yes Important | But Sustainability Misunderstood


August 13, 2015

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In a recent article in the Restaurant News sustainability was discussed as an important goal for foodservice operators.  However, few seem to understand what sustainability is and more so how to promote it!

whirley-drinkworksgreenisgoodThe article, goes on to mention that it can be difficult to attain value and even more so to talk about because sustainability means something different to each consumer.  The bottom line for Green Nature Marketing is to think first about the advantages to nature before you worry about they leverage those practices may provide in your market.  That said, sticking to the common most relatable practices will help connect with your consumers.  Some mentioned, were introducing recycling and compostables, modifying energy / water conservation…How about providing organic options?  How about looking at food waste?

It is easy to start sourcing clean food and beverages just check out our brand community.  This practice is also another very recognizable and achievable practice to promote.  It maybe seem more of a challenge to promote food wast practices, but it’s not.

  • Donate extra food and ingredients to reduce waste,
  • Revise your current recipes or menu options to attain less waste and offer secondary uses.
  • Then get the message out!

These are just a couple ways to drive more sustainable practice into your operation.  There are many other tips for food waste diversion practicies here in a past post of ours called Waste Diversion | Food Reduction.

Regardless consumers buying behavoris are changing so which ever sustainability practices you start to implement they will only HELP your business!


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