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Welcome to Green Nature Marketing!

Doing it differently, introducing better, leaving nothing behind | It’s in our nature 

In today’s world it can no longer be disputed that we must be mindful of our actions, our consumption patterns and the effects they have on our health and the health of the planet. Green Nature Marketing (GNM) is dedicated to introducing products from environmentally responsible manufacturers to the ever-growing consumer demands for sustainability.

Our mission is to preserve or help transition as many acre’s of land to certified organic agriculture, keeping small family farmers operational to provide better-for-you healthy food and beverage alternatives, while diverting every discarded item we can from landfills. We take a unique focused approach fueled by our wealth of experience and relationships, shared sustainable and ecological values, a diverse brand roster, and a commitment to resources and technology to integrate our company and ultimately deliver results.

We are proud to represent some of the strongest brands in each of their categories, and honored to help them grow their exposure and business in the foodservice channel.

Featured Operators

Natural Direct Feature Logo imageNatural Direct was started in 2005 by Scott and Sarena Dickinson.  On a search for some local produce in their hometown of Sandwich (IL) a couple years earlier, the only thing available was sweet corn.  After reaching out to other area farmers they found themselves consistently driving for fresh local fruit, honey and meats.  With Scott’s background in distribution and transportation they decided to build a distibution network to efficiently get products from the farm to consumers in the greater Chicago market.



Connecting green brands with foodservice operators and distributors on a platform of sustainability, education, and values. | BE BRAVE, GO GREEN, LEARN MORE

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What our Partners are saying

Steven Kessler

CO-Founder | Steaz

“It has been a pleasure working with the Green Nature Marketing team since 2012, delivering consistent double digit growth each year.  They epitomize top flight professionalism and that partnership ethic we all look for in a broker/vendor relationship.  Props to Mario and Team GNM!!”


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